"For everyone looking to rent a property, I would advise checking what Hobson has to offer before "going out to shop" in Rightmove or other portals. In our 10 years of renting experience, Hobson is definitely the best agency by all means we have ever rented from. Very easy, straightforward process from the very beginning when you contact them to arrange a viewing of the property and up to the end of the tenancy. Unlike those "chain agencies", Hobson treats you as an individual. If you ever have any issues in the property, they are very quick to respond, arrange repairs and make sure everything is sorted out afterwards. And after all, just a nice ladies there in the office." Martins Badolis - Tenant

"Hobson is the best agency we ever dealt with, Mrs Claire Hobson is very understanding and down too earth. Her employees Adele,Isabelle are very helpful and resolve problems quickly. They would go extra mile to make sure the tenants are happy and looked after." Charlie Jurkowski - Tenant

"I permanently live abroad and I have been renting my property in Highams Park with Hobson since 2011. When I started renting I had had no previous experience, but of all the local Estate Agent's Claire's was the one that seemed more professional, transparent and accessible to me. To tell you the truth, I do not regret having taken the decision to rent out with Hobson.

They are on top of everything at all times and when I have had the odd problem (leaks or some other repairs) they have excellent contractors, who are efficient and professional. There is no obligation to use their services, but personally I have found it to be an excellent option and this means that I don't have to worry about anything from abroad.


Communication with Hobson is easy, whether by phone or by email they always respond immediately. I am informed of all legal matters and follow Claire's advice as I trust her and she has a lot of experience. I receive my monthly rent statements without fail and any other relevant repair invoices.


All in all, I can say that I'm very happy with Hobson and it's a great weight off my mind being so far away. The overall impression that I get is that she wants the best for both parties (landlord and tenants) and this obviously makes for a much better tenancy. In fact, fingers crossed, I have had the same people since 2011." Sarah Dowsett - Landlord